Special Events

We regularly hold SPECIAL EVENTS, usually on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon.

Movie night 

Our movie night is so much more than just a movie! This is a free event with free popcorn and squash (other goodies available to purchase), nail art, face paints, hair braiding, ‘sporting’ challenge (eg table tennis, table football or air hockey). Movie nights run once a term, see Instagram/facebook for regularly updated information

Recently we have held the following events
Reverse trick or treat – we ventured into the streets to hand out sweets to the trick or treaters on 31st Oct. We then headed back to Church for dessert and hot chocolate.

Kids kitchen – the kids remained in church after Firelighters on a Sunday and cooked their parents a 3 course meal

Disney quiz night – to celebrate the leaders return from Florida we held a Disney themed quiz (the boys won)

Mystery evening sleepover – The young detectives find the clues and solve the mystery. They then remain in church for late night snack and sleep over

Rave party – pizza, dance, kids control the music – what more could a youngster want on a Friday night?